My Story


Hi I am Marissa Hall I am 24 years old I live in a small town called Ellijay, GA most of y’all most likely haven’t ever heard of, Ellijay our small town isn’t too far From the capital of Atlanta, GA we are known for our Apples 🍎🍏 that’s why we’re called. The Apple capital of Georgia I love it here but if I had to move I guess I would but it be very difficult to do my, hobbies are, dancing, watching Tv Show/Movies, reading books, makeup, playing video games, Cardboard games, Anything to do. With celebrities/Hollywood and I love my Friends and family they mean the world to me I couldn’t live,  without having any, contact with them because we are so very close to each other one thing that most of y’all don’t know I That I share my Birthday. With my Grandmother I was born on her Birthday on August 6,1994 witch was a Saturday she didn’t get any Birthday l, presents because she was too worried about my mom having me I am glad that I share my. Birthday with her because we l. Are so very very close I will miss her when she passes on I will continue to share my Birthday, with her even though she won’t, be on this earth to celebrate it with me on person I love her so very much we had been Through a lot together as a family I . Will always love her no matter what and this Blog or Vlog whatever you what too call, my website it’s basically about what I, mentioned about I love a lot of different things not just one thing I hope you enjoy This just just as much as I will be doing it. And enjoying it as well and happy Tuesday from Marissa Dawn Hall’s Vlogs I hope you enjoy your evening whatever you are, in this world I want everyone to be happy and healthy and be kind to one another we need love not hate.


Marissa Dawn Hall