A few of my favorite Authors!!

Like the title says here are some of my favorite Authors and the Books and Movie Adaptations of the Books pictures, below I have seen the movies a few times. And will continue to watch them because I like the books Plus I like. the movies as were especially Afterburner&Afttershock staring Tyler Johnson and Caitlin Leahy they are very, wonderful in it and have some great chemistry I couldn’t pick a better pair then them to Star in it.

1. Sylvia Day~

Afterburn&Aftershock Book And Movie Adaptation.

2. Alessandra Torre ~

Hollywood Dirt Book And Movie Adaptation And Some Of Alessandra’s Other Non – Movie Adaptations.

3. Rachael Van Dyken ~

Elite Book Series One Of The First Books In The Series Called Elite.

4. E L James ~

Fifty Shades Of Grey Book Series And Movie Adaptations Plus Two Books In Christian’s Point Of View.

5. Veronica Roth ~

Divergent Book Series And Movie Adaptation And the one Movie Adaptations Plus none – Movie Adaptations As Well.

6. Nicolas Sparks ~

A Walk To Remember Book And Movie Adaptation Plus More Of His Books That Are Also Movie Adaptations As Well Too Many Too Post LOL😂.

7. Nora Roberts ~

Northern Lights Book And Movie Adaptation Plus More Nora Roberts Movie Adaptations Plus Some Non- Adaptations as well.

Thank you for looking at my Blog Post I hope to see you soon and I hope you. enjoyed the post as well as I did posting it LOL 😂.


Marissa Hall

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